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WBIR - Top Five

Great integration + user-friendly content=high user engagement

Each week, WBIR Television invites viewers to submit and vote on their "Top 5" favorite things, such as restaurants. WBIR found that food seemed to be a favorite topic. The Top 5 responses are then reported on the Friday evening news, and the reporters feature the top choices. In WBIR's weekly photo contest, the user who submitted the photo of the week receives a prize, such as a T-shirt.

With as many as 50,000 visitors to the site each month visiting the EventBoxes, WBIR sees how users go back and forth between the broadcast and site. Visitors start by watching the Friday broadcast announcing a new poll, move to post their submissions and votes on the site, lure their friends to the site to generate support for their submissions, check the site to see how their submissions are doing, and watch the Friday broadcast again to see if they have won.

Not only does the EventBox get fans excited, but WBIR monetizes more ad impressions.

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