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Autoblog Weekly Podcast

Keep them coming back week after week

Every Monday between 5 and 10 pm EST, Autoblog launches an EventBox so visitors can ask questions in advance of their weekly podcast. At around 10 pm, Autoblog records their weekly podcast using the blog readers' top questions.

More recently, Autoblog opened the comments so users could answer other users' questions. So, among the dozens of questions asked, at least 25% of questions are now addressed by other users; The Watercooler EventBox benefitted Autoblog by:

  • Adding value
  • Building community
  • Reducing staff workload

The result is that the number of viewed comments has doubled – significantly increasing the total user interaction and page views. Autoblog feels the EventBox has also increased its users' devotion as they are now able to show off their own expertise.

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