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AOL's "The Unofficial Apple Weblog" or TUAW is famous for its live coverage of the annual MacWorld Conference. In the past, TUAW would host a short survey with just three choices, or they would allow unorganized comments. In 2010, TUAW used the EventBox to amplify their coverage, encouraging users to vote for the 'best of' software, hardware and apps.

This time, however, TUAW allowed users to submit their favorites, with VHM's correlation engine organizing the comments and letting the most popular rise to the top. TUAW then announced the top favorites live at their MacWorld stream.

  • More than 70 percent of page viewers interacted with the EventBox
  • The system correlated 26% of all submissions (reducing the number of repeat submissions and associated moderation effort).

In the process, TUAW learned that its visitors' favorite social media platform is Twitter, which allowed it to redirect their staff time to Twitter instead of Facebook. In fact, Voices Heard Media analytics showed that of the 229 shared items,

  • 131 went to Twitter
  • 56 were posted on Facebook

TUAW also listened to its audience and focused later content on their passions; for example, more emphasis on apps instead of hardware.

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