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Add a video, image, or text poll for better user engagement

VHM Polling engagement software allows you to quickly and easily create a video, audio, image or text-based poll. Each poll choice can be shared and commented on by the user which creates additional engagement.

Great for:

  • Creating New Content with Existing Videos and Photos
  • Increasing Video Views
  • Understanding Your Audiences Thoughts and Opinions
  • Increasing Social Sharing
  • Adding a Second Screen Experience


  • Create text, video, audio, or image polls
  • Allow sharing & commenting on individual results
  • Allow Facebook cross-posting
  • Choose when to show results: after each vote, after event close, always, never, or on a specific date & time
All products include: built-in social sharing, customizable user registration,no traffic limitations, unlimited events, reporting suite access, multiple admin accounts


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  • Increased user engagement on your website, mobile site, Facebook page or tab
  • More social media buzz and return traffic generated by user sharing
  • Increased views and shares of your videos and images
  • Provide a community environment that gets people interacting


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